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Boothbay Lights & Harbor Lights Festival:
Festival of Trees:          
Gardens Aglow:           633–4333
Gingerbread Spectaculr & Dough Ball:   633-5159
North Pole Express:         633–4727
Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library:   633–3913
Boothbay Opera House:         633–5159
Boothbay Railway Village:        633–4727
Boothbay Region Land Trust:      633–4818
Friends of Windjammer Days   
Lincoln Arts Festival:       
One Event Productions:         671–7676

Town of Boothbay:     633–2051
Town of Boothbay Harbor:  633–3671
Town of Edgecomb:     882–7018
Town of Southport:      633–4727
Town of Wiscasset:        882–8200

The Joint Economic Development Committee Statement of Purpose: 'To Enhance economic growth and prosperity through a process that builds on the unique assets of the Boothbay Peninsula and preserves the quality of life for the residents of our region'
The JEDC meets twice per month. If you would like to attend meetings to learn what is happening in this region, view contact information for the JEDC at: and