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  1. Download Membership Packet to compute your dues. Complete forms and mail with your dues payment.
  2. Create Account (and strong password) when prompted at:
  3. Send an email to to let us know you have created your account. Include your Business Name and Username.
  4. When your membership check is received, we will notify you by email that you may create a new listing or update your existing listing using the original links in the confirmation email that you received while creating an account.
  5. After you have created or edited your listing, we will review it, confirm payment, and notify you when your listing is online/updated.
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Annual Fees
Basic membership
unless your dues compute higher
with menu below

$7.70 per unit and $1.95 per restaurant seat

$2.60 per campsite

$1.95 per seat

$2.60 per seat

$95.00 minimum plus:

  • with a restaurant add $1.95 per seat
  • with a boat add $2.60 per seat

Exempt – Basic Listing – No Fee

  • Add live website link and photo – $40

Duplicate web listing for the same business, in different category. For example:

  • If you own a real estate company listed on the ‘Services’ page and also offer rentals, and would like a duplicate listing on the ‘Accommodations’ page – add $25.00 to dues